Running With Meteor
23 Mar 2017
Initial impressions My first impression of Meteor was that it was an all-in-one package. Meaning, you learn how to use Meteor, you learn it well, and you have everything you need to start building web applications. I like this because...
Software Engineering
Meteor Struggles
09 Mar 2017
Preamble I’m learning how to use the Meteor framework as a part of my Software Engineering course. At the time of writing this essay, we’ve only been about two weeks into Meteor, but we’ve already encountered a slew of problems,...
Software Engineering
Final Project Ideas
09 Mar 2017
Overview Parking at the University of Hawai’i is limited. Furthermore, just getting to university is a task in itself because of the heavy congestion drivers face. The problem Parking is limited and can be expensive. Not everyone can get a...
Software Engineering
The Power of Frameworks
23 Feb 2017
Intro to the web About two or three years ago, I wanted to learn web development. I don’t remember the reason, but I think it might have had something to do with me wanting to learn new languages. At the...
UI Frameworks
Semantic UI
Necessity of Standards
09 Feb 2017
The necessity of standards Standards exist for a reason. They provide consistency and allow for different things to work together. Take this iconic connector known as USB (short for Universal Serial Bus). It’s one of the most widely used connectors...
Coding Standards
Software Engineering
Getting Good at Git
02 Feb 2017
My life before Git Before I was introduced to Git, I had never heard of “version control” nor did I understand what it meant (though in hindsight, the name kind of gives it away). That being said however, I did...
Software Engineering
Asking Smart Questions
26 Jan 2017
There are no stupid questions We’ve all heard the phrase “There is no such thing as a stupid question.” However, when you frequent the web enough and get to see questions like: you really have to question that statement. Okay,...
Asking Questions
Software Interests
20 Jan 2017
Initial interest When I took an introduction to programming in C class my freshman year of college, that’s when I fell in love with programming. I still remember how excited I was to work on a lab or homework assignment....
JavaScript Reflection
20 Jan 2017
Previous experience Lucky to say, ICS 314 isn’t the first time I’ve laid eyes on JavaScript. It was actually during my co-op tour with AMD that I was tasked to design a web tool and had to learn JavaScript using...